Monticello Power Plant Celebrates 20 Years Without a Lost-Time Injury


Monticello Power Plant Celebrates 20 Years Without a Lost-Time Injury
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Employees at Monticello Power Plant in Mount Pleasant, Texas, are taking safety excellence to the next level as evidenced by a new plant safety record – 20 years without a lost-time injury. The milestone is the equivalent of 10.5 million work hours without lost time, a new record for all Luminant sites.

"This achievement is proof of our employees' resolve to make safety best practices a way of life,” said Mike Williams, Luminant chief fossil officer. "The men and women at this site are top safety performers who consistently look to improve existing programs in their quest to make Monticello a best-in-class facility.”

Since the safety streak began in July 1992, more than 200 plant employees have kept safety their top priority. In the past nine years, employees have performed nearly 20,000 peer observations to help ensure a dedicated focus on safety.

"Our employees have been integral to developing a safety-centered mindset, which has strengthened our site's robust safety culture,” said Wayne Harris, Monticello Plant director. "Through peer observations and studies of industry best practices, we're able to continually learn and develop our safety processes.”

Monticello's safety legacy is deeply rooted in history. The plant received national recognition for surpassing 3 million work hours without a lost-time accident in 1983. Later that year, the plant also reached 4 million hours without a lost-time injury.

Monticello is a three-unit, lignite-fueled power plant located in Titus County. Completed in 1978, the plant has an operating capacity of 1,880 MW.

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Monticello Power

Monticello Power Plant employees achieve a new milestone – 20 years without a lost-time injury.

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