Luminant, a subsidiary of Vistra Energy, is a competitive power generation business, including mining, wholesale marketing and trading, and development operations.

With Texas roots that stretch back more than 130 years, we have played an integral role in the evolution, growth and progress of Texas, and today we are helping power one of the world’s largest electric markets. We are proud to provide reliable, affordable electricity to Texas consumers as we set new standards in environmental stewardship and innovation that will result in cleaner air, water and land. This mission requires thousands of dedicated employees and investment of billions of dollars in infrastructure and development.

Luminant has nearly 18,000 megawatts of generation in Texas including 2,300 MW fueled by nuclear power, 8,000 MW fueled by coal and 7,500 MW by natural gas. Luminant is a large purchaser of renewable power including wind and solar-generated electricity.

Few businesses have devoted more money, time and effort to the social and economic development of Texas than Luminant has. Besides massive new investment, our day-to-day operations generate billions of dollars of economic impact across Texas. Generous corporate contributions multiply the benefit, while our employees remain the go-to people when the communities where they live, work and serve need help.