Luminant Recruits Veterans at Fort Hood Job Fair

spot_recruitAsk any veteran and they'll tell you that the transition from military to civilian life is anything but smooth. It can be challenging, intimidating and far from what they are used to. But, according to Darrell Jacobsen, Luminant recruiting manager and U.S. Army veteran, most veterans come equipped with a skill set that transitions well into our industry.

"Managers know if they hire a veteran that, in most cases, they are getting an extremely motivated and dedicated employee who not only has the necessary skills, but is also battle tested and used to working in extreme weather conditions,” shares Jacobsen.

In an effort to tap into this promising recruiting base and help vets find employment after they've finished serving their country, Luminant recently attended the semiannual Fort Hood Army Career & Alumni Program Center Job Fair.

"We usually hire a few people from each event,” says Jacobsen."This year, we were looking for mechanics, electricians, engineersand supervisors to work at our plant and mine sites. We talked to a number of good candidates and hope to hire a few of them over the next few months.”

An estimated 3,000 soldiers and family members passed through the doors of the job fair. Luminant has been a regular participant in the Fort Hood job fair since 2007, and showed up in force this year with three booths, eight managers and four recruiters representing fossil plants and mines.

"This type of event is our way of giving back to those who risk their lives to protect our freedoms,” says Jacobsen.

Veterans play an essential role at Luminant, accounting for more than 15 percent of its employee base.