Luminant Responds to Cross-State Air Pollution Ruling


Luminant Responds to Cross-State Air Pollution Ruling
Dallas -

Luminant released the following statement regarding today's ruling on the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule:

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit granted the request of Luminant and other petitioners to invalidate the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule in its entirety. Luminant supports today's decision, in light of the flaws in the rule that the court identified.

Under the court's ruling, the Clean Air Interstate Rule will remain in place until the EPA develops a valid replacement to CAIR. The company remains committed to its legacy of meeting or outperforming all environmental laws, rules and regulations and will continue its capital investment program to comply with pending and expected environmental regulations. As part of this program, we have several emissions reduction projects planned, underway and recently completed. In addition to capital expenditures of $142 million in 2011, the company currently estimates that capital expenditures for environmental compliance will reach approximately $300 million in 2012.

"With this litigation behind us, we look forward to continuing to provide safe and environmentally responsible operations across our generation fleet and to meeting or outperforming all environmental laws and regulations,” said David Campbell, Luminant's Chief Executive Officer.

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