Over 1.7 Million New Trees Taking Root at Luminant Mine Sites

2012_Reforestationspotforcom_pineconesWith recent rainfall providing ideal ground conditions, crews are wrapping up their efforts to plant more than 1.7 million tree seedlings at Luminant mine sites. The annual four-month project is part of Luminant's long-standing commitment to quickly return mined land to productivity.

"This program is something we look forward to each year, but especially this year after last summer's drought and its impact on tree and plant life in Texas,” said Sid Stroud, director of environmental mining. "We are looking forward to seeing this year's seedlings take root and grow.”

With the help of tree-planting machines capable of planting up to 10,000 seedlings a day, 35 species ranging from winged elms to a variety of oaks are now growing across Luminant mine sites. Some species will be used for commercial timber production, while others will help establish quality wildlife habitat.

"Since all wildlife species require the fundamental habitat elements of food, water and cover, we are planting trees that produce acorns, nuts, berries and fruit to better benefit area wildlife,” shared Stroud.

Planting of native species at each location began in December. Since the program began 40 years ago, the company has reclaimed 69,295 acres and planted more than 33 million trees. Even before federal and state laws on land reclamation were adopted, Luminant was committed to advancing the science of restoring the land following lignite mining. The success of Luminant's program proves it is possible to gain the benefit from natural resources and reclaim the land in an environmentally sound manner that adds value to it in the process.