Luminant Statement Regarding Comanche Peak Development

Dallas -

Luminant today released the following statement regarding its combined operating license application for Comanche Peak Units 3 & 4.

The ongoing incidents in Japan represent a tragic event, and we continue to monitor developments there. We extend our deepest sympathies to the Japanese people.

We remain committed to pursuing the development of two new units at Comanche Peak. We will work in close concert with the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission and industry groups to incorporate lessons learned from the events in Japan into the ongoing process of designing, licensing and building of our proposed units. The process is lengthy, measured, highly regulated and takes input from all major stakeholders to ensure the safety of the nation's nuclear fleet.

The fundamentals of nuclear power in the United States are unchanged – clean, reliable sources of baseload generation are critical to meeting growing electric demands throughout the country. We have confidence in the design and planning process that keeps America's nuclear reactors safe and will actively participate with the U.S. NRC and others as we review what has occurred.

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Comanche Peak 3 & 4 Facts

  •  Safety Focus: Safety continues to be the top priority of both the existing and proposed new units. We constantly review our safety procedures.
  •  Expansion Overview: Two proposed units of 1,700 MW each; 3,400 MW of new generation would power approximately 1.8 million Texas homes.
  •  Different, Advanced Design: Luminant and Mitsubishi are developing the U.S. Advanced Pressurized Water Reactor with enhanced safety systems and other advanced elements. Existing Comanche Peak units also use pressured water reactor technology, which is a fundamentally different design than boiling water reactors like those experiencing issues in Japan.
  • Development Timeline: Luminant submitted its Combined Operating License Application in September, 2008. Our current schedule calls for receiving a license at the end of 2013 – with commercial operation dates of 2021/2022.
  • Dependable Power: Texas needs additional sources of baseload power due to strong population and electric demand growth. Texas continues to set new electric demand records.
  • Economic Development: More than $22 billion in Texas economic impact - including increased retail sales, personal income and gross state product.
  • Thousands of New Jobs: In addition to thousands of construction jobs, the new units would create about 1,000 new, on-site jobs. Economic development modeling shows the project can be expected to create a total of 6,200 Texas jobs.
  • Increased State Revenue: State tax revenue is projected to increase by more than $490 million during development and construction – by more than $30 million annually once the plant is operational.

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