Luminant Releases Latest Data Highlighting 2009 Environmental Successes

Dallas -

Redesigned 2009 Environmental Review and new environmental fact sheets now available

As Texas' largest power generator, Luminant is committed to improving our environment through cleaner, more efficient energy and consistent, measurable environmental stewardship – planting 1.1 million trees on previously mined land; avoiding, eliminating or offsetting 26 million tons of carbon dioxide; and recycling nearly 2.2 billion pounds of coal combustion byproducts in 2009 alone.

These accomplishments and many others are featured in Luminant's redesigned 2009 Environmental Review, released today. The eight-page, quick-reference resource offers finger-tip access to the company's environmental accomplishments, with 12 new, supplementary environmental fact sheets, ranging from climate stewardship to wind leadership, also available on

“We are proud to be a leader in the progress Texas is making to create an even cleaner energy future,” said Shawn Glacken, Luminant senior vice president of environmental services. “Our employees' commitment to exploring new and emerging solutions is crucial to our continuous improvement as an environmental steward.”

Additional Luminant accomplishments include:

· Winning an unprecedented fifth U.S. Department of the Interior Director's Award for exemplary demonstration of advancing the science of reclamation

· Remaining the leader in Texas wind power purchases with more than 900 MW – enough to serve 400,000 Texans

· Bringing online Texas' first new lignite coal power plants in decades with a host of environmental controls including activated sorbent injection technology to control mercury emissions, while also voluntarily equipping the company's entire coal fleet with sorbent systems

· Continuing to invest in clean-energy research and development, including evaluation of renewable technologies. One example includes the testing of technology to generate electricity using water flowing from the discharge canal at Martin Lake Power Plant

For more information, view the 2009 Environmental Review available on, or

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