Luminant Releases 2011 Environmental Review


Luminant Releases 2011 Environmental Review
Dallas -

The 21st annual report highlights the company's environmental and community successes

As Texas' largest power producer, Luminant is proud to be a leader in the progress the state is making to create an even cleaner energy future. From its diverse portfolio of energy sources to its industry-leading reclamation practices, the company is sharing its 2011 environmental highlights in its new Environmental Review, released today.

"Luminant's focused commitment to environmental stewardship continues to improve year after year,” said Shawn Glacken, Luminant's senior vice president of environmental services. "Our employees are constantly looking for new opportunities to further environmental awareness with our local communities and new ways to make our operations even more environmentally friendly, and it shows.”

In 2011 Luminant completed the following significant environmental accomplishments:

  • Reclaimed 1,400 acres, bringing the total to date to 69,300
  • Planted more than 1.4 million trees; the company has planted more than 31.6 million in all
  • Saved and donated rare carnivorous pitcher plants discovered at the company's new Turlington Mine; the plants now thrive in a rehabilitated bog that serves as an outdoor classroom at an East Texas Girl Scout camp and will soon appear at the East Texas Arboretum in Athens
  • Recycled more than 2 billion pounds of materials for a total of more than 40 billion since 1993; these materials range from paper, aluminum, antifreeze, lead-free batteries, oils and tires to steel, copper and scrap metal from a demolished Luminant power plant
  • Recycled nearly 2 billion pounds of combustion byproducts from Luminant coal plants; these materials have found a second life in the roofing and concrete industries as well as in road construction and the oil field

For more environmental and community highlights, read the 2011 Environmental Review and the accompanying supplemental environmental fact sheets available now on

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