Luminant Employees Set Significant Safety Records in 2011


Luminant Employees Set Significant Safety Records in 2011
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From 36 years without a lost-time injury at Stryker Creek to 7 million safe work hours at Comanche Peak, Luminant employees keep safety first

With safety as their top priority for 2011, Luminant employees are ringing in 2012 with many impressive accomplishments and high standards for the new year.

"We set a goal at the top of the year that for every day of 2011, around the clock, our focus would be on safety. It's much more than a resolution—it's a lifestyle that I'm pleased to say we embodied and worked continuously to strengthen throughout the year,” said Mike Williams, Luminant's chief fossil officer.

"I couldn't be more proud of the dedication to safety exhibited by our team at Comanche Peak,” said Rafael Flores, chief nuclear officer. "We reached a new plant record for safe work hours and did it in a year when we had two refueling outages. To call this accomplishment impressive would be an understatement.”

In 2011, the Luminant team set several significant safety milestones, among them:

  • Employees at Monticello Power Plant crossed the 10 million safe work-hour mark, working 19 years without a lost-time injury. A lost-time injury is an injury that causes absence from work beyond the day or shift the injury occurred.
  • Employees at Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant reached 7 million safe work hours – a new plant record.
  • Luminant's fossil generation team surpassed the 4 million safe work-hour mark.
  • Three gas plants set or maintained safety records of 30 years or more: Stryker Creek (36), DeCordova (31) and Lake Hubbard (30).
  • Luminant's fossil engineering and support group – a team 160 strong that supports maintenance activities across the fossil fleet – achieved 24 years without a lost-time injury.
  • Winfield South Mine achieved eight years without a lost-time injury, the equivalent of more than 3 million safe work hours.
  • Graham Power Plant employees completed six years without a recordable injury; this means that during this time not one employee received an injury requiring medical treatment beyond basic first aid.
  • In addition, the following groups achieved or maintained one year without a recordable injury: Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant, DeCordova Power Plant, fossil engineering and support, Monticello Power Plant, Morgan Creek Power Plant, Permian Basin Power Plant, Stryker Creek Power Plant and Winfield South Mine.

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