Luminant Correction to Politico Pro Story

Dallas -

Luminant today released the following statement regarding the Politico Pro story about the Environmental Protection Agency's Utility MACT compliance timeline.

Under no circumstances does our statement to Politico about the differences between compliance timelines for the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule and the utility MACT rule mean that we do not have immediate, serious and very real concerns about MACT's strict compliance timeline and reliability impacts.

From what we have seen of the proposed MACT rules, and given its numerous requirements for Luminant and the electric industry, it is a compressed and difficult timeline and this story does not accurately reflect our position.

Further, the EPA's proposed three-year compliance deadline (with a possible one-year extension) would be inadequate given the scope of nationwide retrofit projects, permitting requirements and lead times for design, purchase, installation, and testing. As we stated in our public comments on the rule, the final rule should provide for an appropriate extension of the compliance timeframe.