The Luminant Legacy

postellLuminant’s legacy is much more than the power plants and mines that help power Texas – in fact, you don’t have to look further than the people who built that legacy to know there’s a strong relationship between family and business. As the company has grown through the years, new generations have also found their place at Luminant.While these legacy families have much in common, as you’ll read below, nothing is more evident than the pride they share in continuing their family’s Luminant tradition.

Ernest Henson, Oak Hill Mine, and Torrey Henson, Three Oaks Mine

spot_hensons“Daddy, I’d love to get on one of those!” That’s what Ernest Henson, hauler operator at Oak Hill Mine, recalls his son, Torrey, saying the first time he brought him to work as a child. “He was always fascinated by the big machines,” says Ernest.

More than 20 years later, Torrey is in the driver’s seat of some of those large machines as an apprentice hauler operator at Three Oaks Mine.

“Now that I’m here, I’m constantly remembering all of the advice he’s shared with me,” says Torrey, who joined the company in 2007.

Ernest says he also enjoys teaching Torrey about the business, hearing about his progress on the job and looks forward to his weekly updates.

“He loves to call me and tell me what machine he’s running and how much coal he hauled that day,” adds Ernest. “I’m proud that he’s living his dream.”

Chad Kent, Oak Grove Power Plant, and Bill Kent, Big Brown Power Plant

spot_kentFor Chad Kent, plant operator at Oak Grove Power Plant, some of his most treasured childhood memories include the times he tagged along to work with his father, Bill Kent, at Big Brown Power Plant.

“I remember dad taking me to work with him and letting me hang out with the supervisors and plant operators in the control room,” Chad recalls.

Decades later, Chad still enjoys reminiscing about his early Luminant experiences. “To me, a trip to the moon would not even come close to being at work with my dad,” adds Chad.

In many ways, the action in the control room, the view from the top of the boiler and the constant phone calls where he overheard his father discussing the plant had a lasting effect on Chad, setting the course for his career.

“I am very proud of my son and his decision to continue the family tradition with Luminant—I can only hope that he has the same positive career experience that I have had,” says Bill.

Michael Postell, Kosse Mine; Terry Jaggers, Winfield South; Henry Postell, Kosse Mine; Bruce Case, Three Oaks Mine; Jaci Postell, Oak Grove; and Greg Brooks, Beckville Mine

spot_postellAs a little girl, Jaci Postell, administrative assistant at Oak Grove Power Plant, was always curious about what her father did at work every day. “All I knew is that he went off to work in his cowboy boots and hat and worked on big machines,” says Jaci.

That is, until an elementary school field trip to Winfield South Mine, where her father worked, finally helped fill in the blanks. “We were sitting in the school bus and drove under the cross pit spreader—we were all so amazed,” recalls Jaci.

Jaci went to work at Oak Grove in 2007 and quickly discovered the added benefits of working for the same company as not only her father, but her husband, Michael Postell; father-in-law Henry Postell; uncle Bruce Case; and brother-in-law Greg Brooks as well.

She says she’s learned a great deal from her family members (also pictured in the group photo at the top of this page), and hopes to carry on their pride in working for Luminant as well as their positive reputation at work and in the community.

“I remember thinking that it would be neat to work in an atmosphere like this,” adds Jaci. “I was right. I feel very privileged to work for Luminant and follow in my dad's footsteps.”