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The Power Optimization Center offers 24x7 real-time operational support. We leverage our power generation and manufacturing experience, industry-proven software applications, and well-defined processes and procedures to help our customers maximize efficiency and reliability. We engage plant operations and engineering as soon as emergent and long-term issues are identified to minimize the impact to the organization.

Emergent Issues

With 24x7 real-time online monitoring, the POC will detect emergent issues and contact plant Operations prior to irreparable damage so you can plan repairs and maintain plant reliability.

Long-Term Issues

The POC utilizes the most up to date Advanced Pattern Recognition software to detect issues long before control system alarms are received. Such issues are normally corrected with small adjustments reducing the likelihood of catastrophic failure.

Process Cycle Efficiency

What does increased Process Cycle Efficiency mean for your facility? Lower environmental impact, fewer resources used, less waste, which all equal money saved. The POC will perform a detailed analysis of your process and recommend maintenance items to improve overall plant efficiency.

Crash Cart Services

There are times when the necessary remote monitoring instrumentation for a particular situation is not installed and permanent installation is not feasible. The POC has mobile crash carts ready for your remote monitoring needs.

Real-Time Chemistry

Most processes require chemical analysis on some periodicity, leaving room for analysis errors and redraws. The POC can monitor your chemistry process with the same remote analysis tools, giving you advanced real-time chemical analysis.

Instrumentation Assessment

The POC has decades of experience building ideal models for industrial equipment. We’ll provide a detailed instrument assessment in priority order so you know exactly where to add instrumentation with the most benefit.

Cyber Security Monitoring

In 2007, the Stuxnet virus was used to destroy a process facility without detection. Don’t let this happen to you! The POC can detect process-level intrusion and alert appropriate personnel before disaster happens.

Equipment Evaluation

Every piece of equipment is unique and important. We create equipment performance models and evaluate for inconsistencies. If a piece of equipment is becoming a problem, we place it on our Watchlist for extra scrutiny, keeping a close eye on your equipment so you don’t have to.


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