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Power Optimization Center - Driving operational excellence through actionable intelligence

Another Success Story

Things aren't always what they seem. Vibration propagation can deceive even the best instrumentation, but experience is hard to mislead. Read more about how the Power Optimization Center saved a generation facility $1,781,795 in Total Cost Avoidance by downloading our White Paper now.


What We Do

Through the integration of remote monitoring, modeling, and diagnostics, the POC identifies, forecasts and advises plant personnel of emergent issues impacting production saving millions of dollars by detecting small issues before the need for surmounting larger issues and by performing scheduled and on-demand plant performance assessments increasing efficiency.

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Our Mission

The Power Optimization Center is dedicated to providing unsurpassed, advanced monitoring and diagnostics services to generation and production facilities. Industry-seasoned engineers and experienced process control operators excel in identifying incipient and long-term equipment issues around the clock, providing actionable intelligence directly to those responsible for real-time operations. With no ties to parts or services organizations, the success of the Power Optimization Center is driven by the competitive market advantage its clients achieve through realizing maximum asset performance.


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