New Mining Simulators Offer State-of-the-Art Training Experience

spot_simulatorLuminant's training facility in East Texas is putting employees behind the wheel in its most realistic training experience to date.

New, state-of-the-art training simulators now offer employees vital hands-on training to ensure the safe operation of critical mining equipment. Much like an advanced, multi-sensory video game, employees get the feel of the road and the impact from the elements, all while navigating real-life scenarios from a training room at Luminant Academy in Tyler.

“This technology will actually track the performance of a new employee and allow us to set a baseline,” explains Johnny Walding, Luminant Academy instructor. “From there, we can offer one-on-one coaching, so that we can help employees understand proper techniques.”

From operating a dragline to navigating a hauler through the mine, the simulations give employees an accurate imitation of what they could encounter during a regular shift. Throughout each session, an instructor monitors performance, providing valuable, real-time feedback.

“When an employees walks out that door after a training session, the goal is that they're an even better operator, an even safer operator and an even more efficient operator than when they got here,” said Wade Johnston, Luminant Academy instructor.

“I believe it is as close as you can get to real life and I think it's a good tool to train both experienced employees and new employees,” adds Troy Young, training technician at Thermo Mine.

To learn more about the Luminant Academy's newest training tools, click here to watch a brief video on Luminant's YouTube channel.