Luminant Donates Rare Plants to Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas

spot_grassHundreds of rare carnivorous pitcher plants (Sarracenia alata) from Luminant's Turlington Mine area are currently taking root at Camp Bette Perot near Palestine, Texas. The recently donated plants will be part of a newly rehabilitated bog ecosystem and will serve as a long-standing learning opportunity for the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas.

"When we found these rare plants at our new mine area in Freestone County, we began collaborating with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the Girl Scouts of America to transplant them to a natural bog site at Camp Bette Perot,” said Sid Stroud, director of environmental mining. "This partnership will help restore the camp's bog site and generate learning opportunities for future camp visitors for years to come.”

As a precursor to the pitcher plant relocation project, Luminant and Girl Scout volunteers helped clear vegetation and prepare the bog area at the Beaver Creek Ranch at Camp Bette Perot. These unique plants, which fill with water to drown insects, are part of a state-wide conservation concern due to the scarcity of natural bog habitat where they can thrive.

"We're extremely grateful for Luminant's generosity and assistance in the rehabilitation efforts for the pitcher plants at our camp,” said Katy Hammon, Girl Scouts volunteer and retired research scientist. "With most of our visitors coming from urban areas, it's important to nurture our future scientists and provide resources that instill educational growth and development.”

This project is just one of many that illustrate the company's continued dedication to environmental excellence. To read more about Luminant's environmental legacy, visit our  Environmental Education fact sheets.