History of Luminant

spot_history1Ever since the late 1800s when we began building the electric light business, Luminant has played a fascinating role in Texas' history. In our nearly 130 years of powering Texas, our company has grown and evolved to meet the dynamic needs of our state. We've undergone vast construction and expansion projects, diversified our fuel supply, remained a top employer and led the way in environmental stewardship.

We invite you to take a closer look at our company's transformation through a new timeline that highlights our rich history and legacy. Presented in six eras, it outlines key milestones with historical photos and details, including:

  • 1882 - First electric lights illuminate Dallas with service provided by Dallas Electric Lighting Company, an indirect TXU predecessor
  • 1926 - Trinidad Unit 1 comes on line, as the only lignite plant in Texas and the biggest in the U.S. using lignite exclusively
  • 1950 - TP&L's rural contact and home lighting programs begin
  • 1965 - NorthPark Mall opens, the world's largest climate-controlled shopping mall, with electricity provided by our company
  • 1971 - Big Brown Unit 1 in Fairfield comes on line, first of the modern lignite units
  • 1990 - Comanche Peak Unit 1 begins commercial operation
  • 2009 - Luminant receives an unprecedented 5th Director's Award from the U.S. Department of the Interior's Office of Surface Mining for advancing the science of reclamation
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