VIDEO – Generations: Our Luminant Legacy

MN_Lum_136x127As the state's largest generator, Luminant and its employees help power Texas – providing much-needed electricity in a safety-focused and community-oriented culture. Ultimately, building a business that not only feels like family, it's one that over the years has become the family business.

“I just kind of always knew this is where I was going to end up,” says Chad Kent, Oak Grove Power Plant operator whose father works at Big Brown Power Plant. “Whenever I was a little boy, my dad would bring me to work at the plant and I guess that's when I started getting really interested in it.”

Adds Gabe Campos, an instructor at Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant whose father also works for Luminant: “I guess every little boy dreams of working with his dad in some respect.”

Learn more about the Luminant family – a team 4,000 strong and made of fathers, mothers, sons and daughters. Click here to watch generations of Luminant families share their stories.