Luminant Environmental Research Program Information


Proposals are accepted throughout the year. However, they must be received no later than April 1, July 1 and November 1 to be considered by the Research Steering Committee at its spring, summer and winter meetings, respectively. At this time, new proposals are not being accepted.

Proposal Package must contain:

(1) GRE score (must be 1100 or higher)
(2) Official Transcript
(3) At least 2 letters of recommendation
(4) Curriculum Vitae
(5) Proposed Budget
(6) Time Schedule for Proposed Study
(7) References
(8) Proposal must meet the following requirements:

a. be prepared by the student with consultations and review by supervisory faculty members
b. evaluate Luminant's or Oncor's direct or indirect effect on the environment
c. can only be done at Luminant or Oncor facilities and properties
d. contains; abstract, introduction, objectives, data analysis, and literature cited sections

(9) Student pre-proposal - students may also submit a pre-proposal for consideration.

a. Pre-proposals should be roughly 2-4 pages in length including a 1-page budget projection, and include:
Research concept, projected budget and schedule.
b. May be submitted electronically by the student or advisor to Luminant ERSC Director Sid Stroud or to a Research Steering Committee member who will provide it to Luminant. May also be submitted by mail to Sid Stroud at:

Sid Stroud
Director, Environmental Mining
500 North Akard Street
LP 12-085
Dallas, Texas 75201

c. Research concept must meet these criteria:
Evaluate Luminant's or Oncor's potential effect on the environment Research field work can only be done at Luminant or Oncor facilities and properties, or access as provided by the Company
d. Pre-proposal will be distributed to the Research Steering Committee for consideration of "conditional" funding until approval of a comprehensive Student Proposal Package which will contain; abstract, introduction, objectives, data analysis, schedule and literature cited sections. Any conditional funding grant will be strictly subject to the conditions set forth therein and may be rescinded at any time in the Research Steering Committee's sole and absolute discretion. Upon approval of a comprehensive Student Proposal, the research will be fully funded and the study initiated.

(10) Faculty pre-proposal - faculty members may prepare a 2-4 page research pre-proposal to be considered for funding by the Research Steering Committee conditioned upon approval of a subsequent formal proposal by a student.

More details on the program.



Budget must be based on calendar year and include all cost items. For example:

  • Fellowship ($1,800/month toward Masters Degree) or ($1,900/month toward PhD.)
  • Insurance Supplement ($250.00/month)
  • Tuition and Fees
  • Travel - field work and other required site visits and training (mileage, room and board)
  • Travel - (Required to present program status once/year to Research Steering Committee
  • Travel - Scientific meetings
  • Travel - Major Professor
  • Equipment and Supplies
  • Research Publications
  • Thesis/Dissertation copies (1 unbound, 6 hard bound and 14 CD's)
  • Total Direct Costs
  • Indirect Costs (15% of Direct Costs)
  • Total Project Cost - the sum total of all items in the project budget submitted shall be the "Total Project Cost"

Student Qualifications

Student must:
(a) be attending a Texas institution
(b) have a GRE score of 1100 or higher
(c) prepare their own research proposal


Proposal packages are to be submitted to:

Mr. Sid Stroud, Director, Environmental Mining
Environmental Services
500 North Akard Street
Dallas, Texas 75201
214.729.2171 (Cell)