Luminant Environmental Research Program

Reclamation-Soil-Probe150x102The Luminant Environmental Research Program is the centerpiece of our educational and research partnerships. This program remains unlike any other: The most qualified graduate students from Texas universities conduct research that is financed by Luminant, which has no review, editing or publishing rights, and directed by an independent steering committee of leading scientists, educators and advisers.

Forty Years of Research Grants

For more than 40 years, this unique program has supported students working on graduate degrees from Texas institutions who are interested in pursuing research on the environmental effects of surface coal mining, power generation and electric transmission lines. We have provided more than $4 million in funding for the completion of 100 independent, published student theses and dissertations.

Industry-Wide Best Practices

This research has not only influenced our company environmental policies and practices but has also provided a technical resource for regulatory agencies, helped establish industry-wide best practices and produced worldwide placement of graduates in key positions.

Research and Reporting Objectivity

To ensure objectivity, an autonomous steering committee of leading scientists, educators and advisers guides the program. Independent from Luminant, this uncompensated group approves research topics, awards fellowships and supports students and professors in publishing the results:

  • Dr. Jonathan Campbell, University of Texas at Arlington, Biology
  • Dr. Charles Groat, University of Texas at Austin, Geology
  • Dr. Frank Hons, Texas A&M University, Soils
  • Dr. Melanie Sattler, University of Texas at Arlington, Civil Engineering (Air)
  • Dr. John Sharp, University of Texas at Austin, Geology
  • Dr. Nova Silvy, Texas A&M University, Wildlife
  • Dr. Fred Smeins, Texas A&M University, Rangeland Ecology
  • Dr. Hans Williams, Stephen F. Austin State University, Forestry
  • Mr. Ray Averitt, Oncor, Sponsor
  • Mr. Sid Stroud, Luminant, Research Program Director

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