Plans Announced to Reopen Squaw Creek Reservoir


Luminant is developing plans to reopen Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant's Squaw Creek Reservoir for fishing on a limited basis to employees, charitable events and eventually to the public.

"We know that employees and our plant neighbors have been looking forward to the opportunity to fish on Squaw Creek once again, and we are excited to be able to share this great news," said Comanche Peak Site Vice President Mitch Lucas. "While we still have a lot of planning to do and park infrastructure upgrades to make, we will share updates as they are available.

“We've watched as other nuclear facilities have reopened their lakes for fishing. And now, after careful consideration and an extensive review, we have started planning to reopen the reservoir by mid-2010,” added Lucas.

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Squaw Creek Reservoir Reopening Questions and Answers

Q: When will it be open for the general public?

A: As part of our commitment to surrounding communities, it is our intention to initially provide access to the public through fishing tournaments that benefit charitable organizations. Broader public access beyond this will be decided in 2010.


Q: How do I register to fish on Squaw Creek, how many boats will be allowed and will there be admission fees for the public?

A: We are currently exploring several registration options as well as the number of boats that will be allowed on the reservoir. We have not made a decision regarding public access fees. More details will be forthcoming in the first quarter of 2010.


Q: Why did you close Squaw Creek Reservoir, and why are you planning to reopen it?


A: We decided the prudent course of action was to close the lake after the events of September 11, 2001. In the past eight years, we have significantly enhanced our security measures to protect Comanche Peak. There has been strong interest from within our company, our community and throughout the state to allow access for recreational fishing at Squaw Creek Reservoir.


Q: How will Luminant ensure the safety and security of the plant and surrounding communities?

A: The safety of our employees and the community has always been, and will continue to be, our top priority. Since September 11, 2001, Luminant has worked closely with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to augment security around Comanche Peak.

We will continue to exercise security procedures and install infrastructure designed to protect both public and plant safety and security. In addition, Comanche Peak security, game wardens and other licensed peace officers will be on site to patrol the lake and surrounding areas.


Q: What will have to be done to reopen the lake?


A: Reopening the lake will require several infrastructure updates to ensure a safe experience for visitors. We will also continue to keep the Nuclear Regulatory Commission informed of our plans.


Quick Facts about Squaw Creek Reservoir:


- Owned and operated by Luminant

- Cooling source for two nuclear power units

- Closed in September 2001 following the events of September 11

- Surface area is approximately 3,200 acres

- Average depth is approximately 46 feet

- Details on reopening to be announced in first quarter of 2010


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