Luminant Scholar Program Kicks Off This Fall

scholars_136x127-1For the past two years as part of the Luminant Scholar Program, fifth-grade students across Texas have demonstrated creative environmental conservation ideas, from community recycling programs to planting neighborhood tree farms. This year, Luminant is asking them to think of their most innovative solutions yet.

Through the Luminant Scholar Program, students in select Texas public school districts will have an opportunity to write a one-page essay answering the question “How can I help protect the environment?” They will share their ideas on environmental conservation and learn how they can improve it – with the authors of the top essays awarded scholarships for their future education.

“We are excited to bring this essay-writing competition into fifth-grade classrooms and challenge even more students to think of ways of protecting our environment,” said Phil Wilson, senior vice president of public affairs at Luminant. “This is our third year to inspire students to spread environmental stewardship in their communities and continue learning through the scholarships and grants we will award.”

Award ceremonies will be scheduled through the end of the year, during which one winner from each district will be awarded a $1,000 United States Savings Bond. The winning student's school will then be eligible to win a $5,000 grand prize, awarded at the conclusion of this year's program.

“Encouraging students to start thinking about environmental conservation at a young age will reinforce the importance of preserving the air, water and land we all use,” said Don Montgomery, Luminant's community relations director. “These fifth-graders are our future, and we want to help them increase their environmental awareness. Plus, we think we can learn from their great ideas.”

To view photos from last year's program, visit Luminant's Flickr page.