Squaw Creek Park Fishing Reservations

Squaw Creek Park Fishing Reservations

Please review the following information before completing your reservation.


  • Guests must register on this website to reserve a boat space for fishing.
  • Visitors can select only one day per weekend (Friday – Sunday) to boat fish; however, there are no limitations or reservations required for bank fishing.
  • One registration covers a single boat and its occupants.
  • If the boat maximum has been met for all three days in a particular weekend, please check back the following Monday for the next available reservation opportunities.
  • As a courtesy to those who may be on a waiting list, please call 817-573-7053 to cancel a reservation.

Before Your Arrival and Park Admittance

  • On the day you are scheduled to fish, please call 817-573-7053 to confirm park operations and check weather and lake conditions.
  • Please arrive by noon on the day you are registered to fish; reservations will be cancelled after this time.
  • Upon arrival, you must present a printed copy of the confirmation page or e-mail and a valid driver’s license at the park guardhouse.
  • A park maintenance and development fee of $30 (cash only) per boat will be collected at check-in. Checks or credit cards will not be accepted as a form of payment.

Registration Information

  If applicable
I am a resident of Hood or Somervell county.
I am an employee.
(Be prepared to show your valid driver's license and/or employee identification upon arrival.)