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News Release

News Release


Luminant Response to Martin Lake Lawsuit
Dallas -

We are disappointed that Sierra Club has decided to use litigation instead of continuing a dialogue with us that we initiated after receiving Sierra Club's expression of alleged concerns.

We have most recently reached out to Sierra Club through its lawyers in the last few months, but they expressed no interest in continuing discussions. We will now shift some attention to demonstrating through the litigation process that Sierra Club's allegations are without merit and unsupported by the law.

Meanwhile, the vast majority of our 900 employees at the Martin Lake facility will continue to focus on their daily commitment to rigorously following the Clean Air Act and responsibly providing power to meet the growing electricity demands of Texans.

We remain proud, that as a founding member of the Northeast Texas Air Care (NETAC) group, we have consistently partnered with the community and implemented emission reductions for the region. We look forward to continuing our ongoing efforts to voluntarily reduce key emissions from our existing coal-fueled units – including Martin Lake. We have already spent hundreds of millions of dollars installing new emissions control equipment across our facilities and will continue to do so.

Allan Koenig

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