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Luminant Statement – 11.08.13
Due to Mitsubishi's focus on supporting the restart of nuclear units in Japan, they are necessarily reprioritizing critical resources away from new development efforts and toward restarting these units. Accordingly, MHI has informed us that they will materially slow the development of their Design Control Document for their new reactor design (US-APWR) by several years. In addition both MHI and Luminant understand the current economic reality of low Texas power prices driven in large part by the boom in natural gas.

As a result, Luminant is suspending work on its Comanche Peak 3 & 4 COL because of its reliance on the design certification. Luminant understands Mitsubishi's decision to reprioritize their resources and their need for nuclear engineering expertise to support their domestic power requirements for restarts. However it is also prudent to suspend our efforts until more progress can be made on the design control document.

Luminant will continue to support nuclear power as part of the solution to Texas electric reliability and will reevaluate this decision as conditions change.