EOL sandow 5_rotatorphotoEye on Luminant: Go Inside Sandow Plant's Maintenance Outage

Ever wondered what it takes to complete one of these massive tune-ups? Go behind the scenes in the latest Eye on Luminant video, featuring Sandow plant’s recent Unit 5 maintenance outage.

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environmental-reviewLuminant Environmental Review
We have a legacy of environmental leadership and excellence. Find out more in our latest environmental report.
p_squawckSquaw Creek Park

Register to boat fish and learn more about the park, its fees, rules and regulations here.

p_numbersLuminant By the

Luminant is committed to powering Texas safely. But that's not all we've done over the past five years.

p_moLuminant Plant Fact

Luminant is proud to be a major contributor to the communities in which our employees work and live.


duck150x102 As the state's largest power generator, Luminant is proud to be a leader in moving Texas toward an even more environmentally sound future.
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Go behind the scenes at Sandow 5 in the latest Eye on Luminant video.
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